Classic Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice)

Serves 6 to 8
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4 cups chicken broth
2 cups Mahatma® White Rice
1/8 tsp ground saffron or ½ teaspoon turmeric
1 bay leaf
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 medium onion, chopped
1 lb boneless skinless chicken, cut into pieces
1 medium red bell pepper, chopped
1 medium green bell pepper, chopped
1 1/2 tsp basil leaves
1 medium tomato, chopped
1 Tbsp lime juice
1 cup frozen green peas, thawed
1 1/2 tsp salt, optional

Cooking Directions

Place chicken stock into a 4-quart pot and bring to a boil. Add rice, saffron and bay leaf. Cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook for 20 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Remove bay leaf.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a large skillet over high heat, add garlic and sauté a few seconds. Add onion and sauté until transparent. Add chicken and sauté until done, about 10 minutes. Add peppers, basil, tomatoes and lime juice and sauté for an additional 5 minutes. When rice is ready, add peas and toss with chicken-vegetable mixture. Season with salt, if desired.
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Recipe Tip:  Do you have a rice cooker?  To prepare this dish … Add all ingredients except tomato and green peas. Stir. Cover and cook until rice cooker shuts off. Carefully remove cover. Fold in tomatoes and peas. Cover and allow to steam for 10 minutes. Remove bay leaf before serving.